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Kaleen Rugs, the manufacturer of high-quality rugs and broadloom, has teamed up with award winning showroom designer Jennifer Lanna to give their Las Market Showroom a couture makeover that’s a must see.

Kaleen’s new showroom can be referred to as a gorgeous piece of fine art. Visitors can expect to be visually stunned by the bold new look sought out by Kaleen’s Chief Operations Officer Monty Rathi.

When asked why he (Rathi) wanted a completely new space he said “This space is unlike any other Kaleen has done before and we hope to take certain elements of it and work them into all of our spaces moving forward. This space will educate our guests on how our products are made and why they are truly unique. We are literally putting our story on the wall for everyone to read – it’s a story of craftsmanship, quality and caring for our fellow human beings and environment, it’s the story of Kaleen.”

The new space will be a head-turner for sure, but where did the ideas for this new space come from? Jennifer Lanna, an award-winning showroom designer, said this when asked about her inspiration behind the design “When dreaming up my vision for the new Kaleen showroom, I was so inspired by their rug collections from Modern to Bohemian. Their luxe textures, rich colors, and intricate designs inspired my vision for their space which utilizes luxurious materials in a warm, bold color palette, using dynamic shapes and patterns. The space evokes the elegant yet on-trend aesthetic of the Kaleen brand. Kaleen’s expansive collections hold something suitable for every decor theme, so we are displaying their rugs in a variety of themed vignettes to showcase their versatility.”

“Beauty and function coexist perfectly in our new space.” said Brian Brigham, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Kaleen. “Yes, the space will visually be transformed, but we also wanted it to be relaxing for customers and guests. We have added more seating and meeting areas on comfortable furnishings and are even planning a new space for our reps. The space will continue to host its usual daily lunches and afternoon happy hours while continuing to offer such amenities as high-speed Wi-Fi and charging stations for cell phones and laptops.”
The Kaleen showroom will also feature 2 completely new rug collections as well as some new additions to their already top selling collections. If you’re planning your visit to the Las Vegas World Market this summer, make sure to put Kaleen Rugs on your must-see list. The Kaleen showroom is located in building C on the 4th floor, space number 407. The space will be open daily from 8am to 7 pm each day during market.