A Higher Standard in Every Step.

For more than fifty years, the Rathi family has built a reputation as one of the leading distributors, importers and manufacturers in the textile industries. Since its inception in 1996, Kaleen Rugs has become known for producing the highest quality rugs and broadloom at affordable prices. Kaleen’s unique and stunning designs have captured the attention of celebrities, high-end retailers and interior designers from around the world.

Kaleen Broadloom


As the name suggests, these rugs are 100 per cent natural – from the utilisation of non-toxic chemicals to the all-natural wool to the eco-friendly dyeing process and latex inspired by the growing need for sustainable and environmentally conscious products, this line of rugs is made on hand-looms in India. Each rug in the series is biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic in nature. These cozy, warm rugs are a conscious choice towards sustainable living.

Kaleen Rugs

High-quality rugs with a luxurious feel is synonymous with Kaleen. Day after day, year after year, we leave no stone unturned to provide long-lasting quality, timeless classics, or high-fashion décor for all your needs.