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Broadloom Terms & Conditions

Your Kaleen Carpet is Hand-Crafted.  It has been produced by some of the finest artisans in India one roll at a time using only traditional hand-dying and hand-weaving techniques.  These traditional techniques can result in minor irregularities in design, texture, shape and color that may vary slightly from piece to piece and roll to roll.

These minor irregularities are not defects, its what makes your carpet a unique work of art.  All carpets undergo a multi-stage inspection process to ensure any irregularity is within manufacturing tolerances and accepted industry standards.  Pattern repeats also vary with handmade construction, as such side-seaming will not produce an invisible seam nor allow for exact pattern matching where applicable.

All carpets should be re-inspected before any part of the installation process is started to ensure any irregularities or variances in design, texture, shape and color are within the customers’ reasonable expectations. No claims will be considered once cuts have been made or installation work has begun.

While Kaleen carpets are manufactured for a variety of residential applications.  Any specialized installations including but not limited to stairs, base boarding, or installations on uneven sub-flooring should be tested to ensure performance expectations are met prior to starting any installation.  Failure to properly test specialized installations will void the warranty and claims for such installations will not be considered.

Kaleen’s product warranty does not extend to deficiencies in the installation process that may affect appearance or performance of the carpet.  Only experienced installers familiar with the challenges of handmade installations should be contracted to maximize the performance and look of your handwoven carpets.

Any carpet containing a high degree of natural fiber or tinsel fiber in its construction should be professionally dry-cleaned.  Shedding is also an inevitable characteristic of natural fiber carpet.  Regular vacuuming is recommended.

Shading/watermarking, pile reversal or role crush may occur with cut pile and cut and loop constructions.  The occurrence of any one of these conditions is random and generally accepted in the industry as normal.  As such, these are not considered to be manufacturing defects and claims will not be considered for these conditions.  Normal traffic and regular vacuuming should lessen the appearance of any occurrences.

To avoid pulling and uneven wearing, the beater brush with any vacuum is not recommended and should not be used.  Should pulls in the carpet fibers occur, especially in loop constructions, these should be trimmed level with the surrounding pile.  Trimming pulled loops does not affect the overall construction or wear ability of the carpet and are an inevitable part of handmade construction. They are generally not considered a manufacturing defect.

Kaleen does not endorse or make any recommendations with regards to any type, thickness, or construction of padding for use with any of its broadloom collections.  The use of padding is at the discretion of the customer and their personal preferences.  Any padding selection should however be tested prior to final installation to ensure the clients expectations are met.

The use of padding in and of itself will have no effect on the standard warranty that comes with all Kaleen purchases.  This however, does not limit or hold harmless in any way the need and requirement to have Kaleen broadloom carpets installed by a professional installer that is competent and experienced with the installation of such handmade broadloom products.

All Kaleen carpets can be fabricated into custom sized area rugs up to the maximum size of the roll offered.  A sales professional can assist with options available for custom fabrications.

Specifications may vary within normal industry tolerance.