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Kaleen Rugs, the manufacturer of high-quality rugs and carpet, donates $11K to Sewa International to help combat India’s ravaging COVID outbreak.

It is heartbreaking to see the devastation happening in India recently. The massive outbreak of COVID has caused an extreme number of lives lost and families devastated.

Kaleen Rugs, whose headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located throughout India, have taken action to help combat the India COVID crisis. Kaleen has donated much-needed funds to Sewa International – a non-for-profit organization whose mission is to serve humanity in distress and aid local communities and community projects by mobilizing partners, donors, and volunteers.

Sewa International has been focusing its efforts on combating the COVID crisis that is currently happening in India. The organization has set a lofty goal of ten million dollars and has successfully raised over four million of its goal. The funds go directly to acquiring much-needed lifesaving medical equipment like oxygen concentrators and ventilators, which are then shipped to hospitals across India.

We asked C.O.O. of Kaleen Rugs Monty Rathi how the company is being affected by the current situation happening in India, and he responded with, “What is happening in India is heartbreaking – India is not only my home but also a global furniture and textile manufacturing hub. Kaleen’s U.S. and India employees are like a family and when a family member is hurting, we all step in to help.”

Mr. Rathi continued with “The COVID outbreak has already dealt a crippling blow on the shipping industry, making getting inventory slow. Our inventory already took a down slide in 2020, but has since recovered, but now another tumble is in the future. My biggest hope is that India recovers fast and strong and for all our employees, friends, and family to stay safe and remain healthy.