Sterling Impressions Collection

Power Loomed 100% Polyester 2/7" Pile Height
Adoration of antique books stitches together the new Sterling Impressions collection. The patterns of this collection are inspired by the intricate silver filigree patterns of 18th Century book covers. The Sterling Impressions collection flows with the beauty of these ornate patterns in silver and grey with splashes of blues, warm golds, deep reds, and jewel toned greens. This collection is 100% machine-made from recycled polyester shrink yarn. Each of the rugs in this collection are machine serged and open backed, making them lightweight and a breeze to move.
18" x 18"
1'10" x 2'9"
2' x 8'
5'3 x 7'7"
7'10 x 10'10"
8'5" x 11'6"