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A lot of people were surprised when the world's biggest eyewear company fake oakleys said it had a deal to acquire one of the world's hippest.

"Hell Freezes Over," one Wall Street analyst headlined his report Thursday. "Luxottica to buy Oakley."

Oakley Inc. of Foothill Ranch and Luxottica Group of Milan, Italy, have been fierce rivals and even fake oakley sunglasses legal foes. If the $2.1-billion purchase goes through, they'll be kin by the end of the year, and America's two favorite eyewear brands -- Oakley and Ray-Ban -- will be under the same roof.

"We were competitors," said Andrea Guerra, Luxottica's chief executive. cheap oakleys "Today we're creating something bigger."

Investors were happy at the prospect of the sleek Italians, who make sunglasses for fashion houses such as Chanel and Prada, teaming with the sporty Californians, whose shades are endorsed by athletes such as skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and golfer Annika Sorenstam.

Oakley's shares climbed $3.22, or almost 13%, to $28.45 on Thursday and Luxottica's stock cheap oakley sunglasses rose $3.18, or 9%, to $38.02.

Under the terms of the deal, Luxottica will pay Oakley stockholders $29.30 a share, a 16% premium over Wednesday's close.

Oakley founder Jim Jannard, who started out in 1975 discount oakley sunglasses making motorcycle handgrips before moving on to goggles, could reap about $1.3 billion for his stake in the company. Jannard, 57, will continue as chairman and "chief mad scientist," a spokesman said, and headquarters will remain in Foothill Ranch.

About 1,600 of Oakley's 3,400 employees work there in what the company website calls "the design bunker," replica oakley sunglasses a 600,000-square-foot fortress with reinforced blast walls, a 400-seat auditorium, an NBA basketball court and lobby decor that includes a military jump seat, a drag-racing car and a torpedo.

Scott Olivet, Oakley's CEO, suggested that little oakley sunglasses discount would change in Foothill Ranch.